Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Possible voter fraud in the USA

At last the USA is close to the mid-term elections. Most have been looking towards this event with trepidation. Already there have been several reports of possible voter fraud. Once such report has come out of Nevada

There have been complaints in Conneticutt regarding people casting votes for nursing home patients with dementia. There have been other complaints where people who have been early voting have attempted to cast their ballot as all Republican and the machine being used has shown the Democrat ticket.

The extent of voter fraud in the USA could impact upon the eventaul election results. In close races it could mean the difference between an incumbent getting firmly booted, or the challenger winning, as the voters have anticipated.

This situation is not all that much different from the vote fraud that took place in Iran, where the declared result did not match the voter intentions.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Anniversary of the usurpation of the presidency in Iran

A year has passed but the people have not been subdued. In celebration of this anniversary in Iran, the regime chose to hang 5 people - two of them from Kurdistan. This was done as a warning to the people but I am sure that they will overcome such warnings.

The people who live in the Iranian portion of Kurdistan will not remain silent over the death of the teacher. He was taken, and his trial was not fair, it was not conducted in the open. He became yet another victim of a very cruel regime.

May the people of Iran overcome the evil that is the Mullahocracy

Friday, February 12, 2010

The latest in Iran

The latest in Iran regarding protests and other street demonstrations is rather confusing.  This time the government forces were ready for the people, and they did everything they could to prevent a large crowd from gathering. According to the reports that I have seen Kharoubi was bashed by regime thugs, but he did manage to get way (but not until after the car that he was in was attacked by the Basij thugs). 

The regime demonstration was in fact huge but this was only due to the fact that people were bused into Tehran to participate in the 11th February display. The regime was attempting to pour scorn on the green movement with their rather crude Obama displays, as well as the usual burnt effigies and burnt flags.  I think that the picture of the day has to be the one with the Obot and a Pinnochio nose. 

It was not only Kharoubi who was attacked. The regime thugs also attacked the wife of Mousavi (the man who really did win the June election). On top of that Khatami's youngest son, Ali has been arrested. There has also been talk of the grand-daughter of the late Ayatollah Khomenei being arrested. I have seen nothing on Rafsanjani or anything about members of his family who have been prominent in previous demonstrations.

Prior to the demonstrations the regime thugs had been rounding up people loyal to Ayatollah Kharoubi and had threatened them about participating in any demonstrations. They were forced to sign pieces of paper to state that they would not be protecting Kharoubi. 

The big announcement seems to have been the declaration that Iran now has the technology to build nuclear bombs. Today's display was really nothing extraordinary. It would seem that the regime was using more force - of course they had imported people from Gaza, Syria and Lebanon for their dirty tricks. 

So this time around the regime did win the day, but the changing has not stopped. The people continue with the chants "death to Khamenei".  This is an end of regime game, and the sooner Khamenei decides to leave Iran the better.