Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Anniversary of the usurpation of the presidency in Iran

A year has passed but the people have not been subdued. In celebration of this anniversary in Iran, the regime chose to hang 5 people - two of them from Kurdistan. This was done as a warning to the people but I am sure that they will overcome such warnings.

The people who live in the Iranian portion of Kurdistan will not remain silent over the death of the teacher. He was taken, and his trial was not fair, it was not conducted in the open. He became yet another victim of a very cruel regime.

May the people of Iran overcome the evil that is the Mullahocracy


BO's OilSpillBlog said...

Maybe the people of Iran could use an oil spill to undermine their president. I'll talk to my oil field friends and see what we can do.

BTW: I very much appreciate your visits to my blog. I apologize for not showing up here sooner. I've been a little busy keeping my boot on the Obama Regime's throat.

BO's Oil Spill's Blog

Maggie said...

Yes, OilSpill, I agree... an oil spill to undermine Ahmanutjob and the Grandpoohbah... it sounds good to me...

thanks for the compliment.