Saturday, June 27, 2009

Missing student activist turns up in Tehran morgue - authorities refuse to hand over his body to relatives

His name is Kianoosh Assa. He disappeared on Monday 22 June 2009.  His grieving family had been trying to locate him, and they found his badly beaten body in a Tehran morgue. The authorities are refusing to hand over his body because he is tagged as I.D. unknown.  
Personally? I think that it is BS for the authorities to refuse to hand his body over to the grieving family. God only knows what Kianoosh suffered before his death. I would guess that the extent of the beatings shows that he was treated in an extremely brutal manner. 
It is now imperative that the international community starts taking a stand against the Khamenei regime with all of its repressive brutality. There are other students who have been taken by the basij to an unknown location. There are many who have disappeared from the streets. The death toll is more likely now to be at least 500 - we do not know how many have been murdered behind closed doors. The basij have been making sure that there is no proper body count because they take the bodies away on trucks. 
It is up to us to speak out on behalf of the Iranian people, and to pressure the United Nations to take a stronger stand against the human rights abuses in Iran. It is up to us to shame Amnesty International to make a stand against the Khamenei regime.  It is up to us to shame the POTUS into condemning the repressive Iranian regime and to cut off all diplomatic ties with Iran. It is also up to POTUS to agree to a boycott of Iran. There must be a constant external pressure on this illegitimate regime until all of the political prisoners are released. Nothing else is good enough.

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