Monday, June 29, 2009

A sky news report on last week's rally - at least it is factual

I have just come across what I consider some rather ridiculous statements from the Iran Press. The latest happens to be that "the regime has caught people who had penetrated the ranks of the police and basij and it was these people who had fired upon the crowd". On the BS meter that has to score a 10/10 for BS. The report actually claimed that the Basij and police are not allowed to be armed. They even produced some people who claimed that they were encouraged by the BBC Persian TV to go out on the streets with ..... wait for it.... hand grenades..... those poor women having to sign and repeat such lies!!

Gateway Pundit has some more video evidence of Basij shooting at demonstrators from the rooftop. Well I clicked on some of the other Youtube links, and I found one that showed the shooter leaning out of a window with his gun... make no mistake he is Basij.... and the other one that I include here is a Sky News report. It is very factual....

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